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Our company and the goal of our mentors that work with us is to help kids find their passion, learn their value, and appreciate their community. 


Connecting kids with their community, one fun-filled event at a time.


Group Dance

A wonderful group of families that attended our ACTIVITY event! This was a 90 minute Club Dance class and everyone did awesome. 


Baseball with friends

Carlos, Alex and Yahir at a Volcano’s baseball game in Keizer, Oregon. Theme of the month was SPORTS and this was a first semi professional sporting event for most kids!


Friendships at play

Our friends Ruby and Jnaya who came to take a Club Dance fitness class when our theme for the month was HEALTH. Thanks for coming, ladies!


Mentors creating real change.

The founder Angelina Cude here with her brother and two of the first mentors of No Solo Existen. Some of their biggest cheerleaders!