Our story-

kids need community.


Our company started with a brother/sister discussion over a meal at a Mexican restaurant in Salem, Oregon, like most good companies do. The conversation was centered around the idea of saving all the kids attending the school we were working with.

We realized that although our goals and our passions were massive, they weren’t quite feasible. We brainstormed about what we could do and what we could build to bring a sense of community and joy to these kids. Focusing on three main things, we were able to crystallize a program we were both happy with.

Our company and the goal of our mentors that work with us is to help kids find their passion, learn their value, and appreciate their community.

The No Solo Existen community is comprised of stay-at-home parents, college students, business owners and fitness instructors.

We all share a passion to connect communities and the children who will grow up in them. 

We focus on weekly activities centered around helping kids learn how to act appropriately in the community and respectfully among their peers and adults.

Each event is intended to work on these social exercises, while also helping kids try and figure out what they enjoy. 

Our staff puts together a monthly calendar full of fun and engaging activities that encourage the kids to try something new in their community. Each month has a focus word (i.e ACTIVITY, MUSIC, COOKING) and we base the events around these words.

Although some of our events include family, most are meant to be exclusively for the kids to come and participate and connect with our village of mentors.


dont just exist, live!